“Guitar Lessons ONE” with Jirar Panossian.

We are living nowadays in a world where the guitar tutorials are pushing one another on internet. There are few good courses in fact but they are very, very few . . . and mostly for already advanced students. The real problem is “how to choose” when you know nothing about music.

  • For this reason, I, Jirar Panossian, am introducing my “Guitar Lessons ONE” method for my students in order to in hence their skills in reading Notes and TABs, in learning Rhythm and Solfege, Theory and Practical, playing solo and especially playing with me to develop the experience of playing in a Band in the future. That is why Beginners are welcomed.
  • We are glad in AyptoZed Art Academy to announce here that we teach Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitars. And our program varies from Classical music to the Beatles, RHCP to Scorpions to Metallica, Oldies and songs of 2000’s… As well as some Tzigane and Flamenco music. . . and not to forget the majestic Fairuziet. And plus, lots of exercises to practice.
  • One of the characters of our tutorial is teaching the students songs, that he or she chooses and loves to play.
    “You got a Guitar; We are here for you!” Just call 70 651 152 or email us: