During the years in the Academy, a special and strong bond is created between the students and the teachers. This is especially true for adult students who complete the full program of 4 years. (Often a small number of these graduates continue to attend classes, a kind of post-Diploma program). This is the reason why our outdoor leisure trips become so wonderful, when graduates merge with current students, visiting beautiful sites of our beloved Lebanon.

Blessing! It’s really a blessing to work with the AYP to ZED Art Students. Exploring the spontaneity and the vivid imagination of their inner world is an exceptional realization. Being an “art teacher” means having a license to enter their souls, open the doors of their magical world and witness their achievements as they emerge into the universe and beyond…


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Our Academy in a Few Words

Today, AYP To Zed Art Academy already has a promising group of Eighty-nine graduates, and, in spite of the fact that our beloved country Lebanon has passed and is still passing through difficult times, we were able to create a small, luminous center, where hundreds of students of different age groups were able to develop and advance their knowledge in arts and enlighten their hearts during the last eighteen years. Our dream is alive today with this Art Academy, which blossoms year after year. The Academy is an evident presence in today’s Lebanese celestial vault.

KIDS BIG KIDS &TEENS: The little artists who enter our Academy at an early age arrive to Adult classes with powerful skills and knowledge of Drawing and Painting. In the Adults Group, a big number of ladies, who mainly study in the mornings, receive the best art formation from the instructors in order to become future “Peintres du Dimanche”. The other section of this group includes young students between the ages of 15 and 20. They receive all the knowledge they need in fine arts, together with an additional intense program which will help them succeed in the entrance exams of universities (in architecture, interior design, graphics or fine arts).

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