About us

When back in 7 January 2006, the Ayp to Zed Art Academy was inaugurated, we knew then that an uncertain journey was ahead of us with 14 students registered to the school. The excitement was great in a future so unclear. We had a plan to expand the school to 40 students in three years time…

Fortunately, reality proved different. After three months since inception, the number of students was increased to over 60, and the academic year was ended with 90 students. 40 more students were on waiting list due to limited places. In 2007, the academy was expanded to host 150 students. Currently, we have more than 180 students.

In regards to kids and teens, the excitement of the parents was obvious. We noticed how the parents were eager to see their children attending creative classes, a place where they can nurture their taste and at least stay few hours away from computer addiction.

While youngsters, besides their working or academic routine, came to our academy and added interesting pastime to their daily life.

Nevertheless, the most encouraging aspect of the academy remains the enthusiasm of our students to learn and discover the secrets of art.

At present, more than 45 women with family responsibilities attend the academy and show great interest and passion for the classes. Kept their love of art in their hearts and minds since their childhood and teens, these mothers attend the academy today to revive their old dream and enrich their daily life with art and creativity. They consider their once a week the three hours session a means of therapy – art therapy.

Ayp to Zed Art Academy is organized into four divisions according to age: we have the preschool section from ages 5 to 8; we have children’s class from ages 9 to 10, the teens’ class from 11 to 14 and the adults from 15 and above.

During the 2008-2009 academic year, the number of adult students reached 80, of which 11 students are taking part in this exhibition and showcasing more than 90 paintings. They have already completed the two years out of the four-year condensed academic plan. Two years later, they will present their final year works at a specially held exhibition and they will receive the first certificates of achievement given by the Academy.

The Lebanese people have been through hard times in the past three decades, and to get away from difficulty, they have chosen the path of art to satisfy their spiritual thirst. They firmly believe that they are capable of reaching to the Good, the beautiful and the Truth through the path of art. Ayp to Zed Art Academy, through its task of spreading the love of art, is certainly taking part in the spiritual reconstruction of this beautiful country- Lebanon.